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about is a place for me to dump my mental leftovers. I have a crisp, clean-cut website to show off my professional work and I will continue to direct clients and potential employers there, but this space is different. MeDrawPretty is a repository for the half-finished, fragmented ideas that pile up on the edges of my workspace. For every polished piece I make, there is a mountain of beautiful but imperfect desiderata that will never see the light of day. Every artist, and the art we make, is a work in progress. Every artist has “bad art” that we tuck away hoping no one will see. Every artist is putting up a false front of perfection, our own private propaganda, and we hope nobody finds out. This is fine for self-promotion, but it makes a valuable process seem inaccessible to the uninitiated. I wanted a place to put my happy accidents – a stage for my semi-intentional mistakes. So I created meDrawPretty.  I am a shameless doodler. I draw on anything and everything  and I’m not snobby about materials. I use what’s available. Sometimes that means India ink on high-quality cold-pressed cotton rag, and sometimes that means a post-it note and a ball-point pen. I like to draw and drawing is messy. MeDrawDretty is about embracing that mess, while exploring and acknowledging the fact that good artist can also make bad art, and bad art can also be beautiful.